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Source:  3Dup.com - The Computer Graphics Portal
URL:  http://3dup.com/news/view.vfx?nid=323
Category:  Miscellaneous
Excellent story about a rabbit, his owner and the neighbor
3Dup.com - January 22, 2010 - 14:50
We publish a interesting and funny CG creation from the german artists Egmont Mayer who won the Best Student Film at SICAF 2008 and was presented in the Annecy Festival the same year.

The plot is as follow: A man lives alone in a small apartment. The little contact he had with other people has dropped to zero since the rabbit appeared. Every attempt to get the rabbit out of his apartment has failed and since he is not sure whether or not pets are allowed in the building, he does not let anybody enter his apartment.
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Written, Directed and Animated: Egmont Mayer
Producer: Flora Grolitsch
Effects TD: Stefan Habel
Animation: Michael Schulz, Wolfram Kampffmeyer, Sonja Kumbarji
Character Modelling: Egmont Mayer
Modelling: Paul Stoll, Wolfram Kampffmeyer
Sound Design and Mixing: Michael J. Diehl
Music: Chris Bremus
Foley Artist: Marcus Neuberger
Textures: Sonja Kumbarji, Frederik Ring
Lighting: Rendering and Compositing Egmont Mayer
Titles: Online Frederik Ring

Created at: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction

More Information at www.egmontmayer.com. Image and Video Courtesy of Egmont Mayer