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Source:  3Dup.com - The Computer Graphics Portal
URL:  http://3dup.com/news/view.vfx?nid=398
Category:  Miscellaneous
Blink and MPC in the New John Lewis TV Commercial
3Dup.com - May 05, 2010 - 10:28
Directed by Blink’s Dougal Wilson this Advert is a masterclass in telling a lifelong story in a mere 90 seconds without compromising on emotion and credibility. Add to this the in-camera trickery that gives the film it’s one-take feel and you have memorable framejuice.

It includes a series of ads that show a woman progressing through the key stages of her life from giving birth to becoming a grandmother, and how the John Lewis brand is a part at every stage.

They will feature a re-recorded version of Billy Joel’s "She’s Always a Woman", sung by the Guillemots.
Click to Play

Agency: Adam & Eve, London
Creative Director: Ben Priest
Copywriters & Art Directors: Ben Tollett, Emer Stamp, Steve Wioland, Matt Woolner
Agency Producer: Leila Bartlam

Production Company: Blink, London
Director: Dougal Wilson
Executive Producer: James Bland
Producer: Matt Fone
DP: Dan Landin
Offline Editor: Joe Guest - Final Cut

MPC Producer: Louisa Cartwright
TK: Jean-Clement Soret
Flame: Dan Adams, Tom Harding, Byron Woodfinden
Shake: Olivier Jezequel
Sound Studio-Engineer: James Saunders - Jungle

More Information at www.blinkprods.com and www.moving-picture.com. Image and Video Courtesy of Blink Productions. Video Encoding: 3Dup.com