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TGW Releases New Character Design for Animation DVDs

Gil Rimmer works as a Central Art Director at Electronic Arts
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The Gnomon Workshop announced the release of two new Character Design DVDs by art director Gil Rimmer. Whether you're a seasoned character designer, an entertainment design student, or simply interested in developing a feature animation, Gil's two dvds will enhance your process and show you the tools you need to design your characters. Gil methodically demonstrates how to create character headshots in Part One, and in Part Two he develops the character's' full bodies, ending with a final "look and feel" piece.

Stephen McClure, producer for The Gnomon Workshop says, "Gil Rimmer is an artist's artist, committed to the traditional arts as well as being a skilled digital artist. His passion for art and storytelling have led him to a position as a Central Art Director for Electronic Arts Cinematic Division in Montreal. These DVDs are a rare opportunity to see inside the mind of this visual genius and to explore with him the process of creating characters for animated features."

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