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i3DTutorials Releases Rendering with Mental Ray in 3DS Max 2010

The primary feature of mental ray is the achievement of high performance through parallelism on both multiprocessor machines and across render farms
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i3DTutorials™ announced their latest training product for Autodesk 3ds Max, "Rendering with mental ray in 3ds Max 2010™". This latest offering from the growing i3DTutorials™ library of Autodesk 3ds Max training products, introduces 3D artists to the advanced concepts and production workflows needed to render imagery of professional quality using the industry standard mental ray renderer. Emphasizing production proven techniques and taking users step by step through demanding production scenes that mimic the complex scenarios and challenges commonly found when lighting and rendering for production, "Rendering with mental ray in 3ds Max 2010™" discloses the professional techniques and knowledge needed to begin mastering the powerful mental ray renderer. Key highlights include Global Illumination, Final Gather, advanced lighting techniques, Caustics, as well as Sun and Daylight Systems. New features only found in 3ds Max 2010 are also covered, such as new viewport rendering modes, new Final Gather options, and much more. Discover production workflows and techniques designed to take full advantage of mental ray's speed and quality. Addressing the need and demand for professional industry training, "Rendering with mental ray in 3ds Max 2010™" teaches the techniques needed to truly take advantage of the power of Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 and mental ray.

More information at www.i3dtutorials.com. Image and Video Courtesy of I3D Tutorials

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