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Viral Created for Greenpeace by Sven Harding
Read with Small Text Read with Normal Text Read with Large Text Read with Larger Text  [ » ]  Change Text Contrast 3Dup.com - October 09, 2009 - 00:15
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The real message is ... Several situations need light, for instance reading and cycling at night. The solution is the beam of light from available bottoms nearby. "Be part of the energy revolution. Until the sun shines out of your ass, use an energy-efficient light bulb instead."

Sven Harding's career in film and TV began as a graduate of the Fine Art, Communication Arts course at Sheffield School of Art. His "glossy", highly visual approach, coupled with the discerning application of the more experimental and surreal, subsequently resulted in Sven directing promos for Gabrielle, Jamie Cullum and Beautiful South. Sven has also shot commercials for clients such as Greenpeace, ACAP, Douwe Egberts and Head & Shoulders.

More Information at www.parkvillage.co.uk. Image and Video Courtesy of Park Village

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