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Shaderlight Version 0.3 Goes Live

ArtVPS became a leading innovator of dedicated rendering hardware, but their focus is the rendering software now
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New features in Shaderlight 0.3 include:
  • Redesigned Art Professional Material: Significant changes have been made to the ArtMaterial to create a flexible, physically accurate material that is easy to understand and use.
  • Improved Resolution: Shaderlight can now render interactively to any custom resolution up to 1920x1920.
  • Improved Performance: Speed has been increased by up to 100 percent for complex production scenes with notable improved performance for skylight, area lights and glossy materials.
  • Improved Image Quality: Progressive image refinement has been improved, with particular reference to the early image quality of glossy materials and area lights.
  • New Message Window: A message window has been added to track log messages during interactive rendering.
  • Bug Fixes: Several bugs have been fixed to improve overall stability as well as feature-related bugs such as invisible objects not rendering.

Shaderlight 0.3 is free to existing Shaderlight users and is available to download in ArtVPS site. New customers will pay $75 for version 0.3 but will receive a significant discount on the purchase of Shaderlight 1.0, which will be released at the end of the year.

More Information at www.artvps.com. Image and Video Courtesy of ArtVPS Ltd.

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