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Editor’s Pick. Pigeon: Impossible. HD Version

CG Creation with Much Talent by Lucas Martell. Encoded from the Original Source
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Lucas Martell - Writer - Director - Producer - Animator
Lucas is a freelance animator and VFX artist. After graduating from Millikin University with a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music, he moved to Austin, Texas and began production on "Pigeon: Impossible" in the summer of 2004. The film is his first animation, and took nearly 5 years to complete. Since then, he has also become widely known for his weekly podcast that chronicles the techniques and obstacles he’s faced throughout production of the film: www.pigeonimpossible.com/podcast

Austen Menges - Editor - Additional Story
Austen began his editing career in 2003 with the short film "Toward the Near," which screened at the Director’s Guild of America Theatre and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Most recently, Menges co-wrote and edited the short film/web series "Script Cops," a film industry favorite about cops who arrest people for bad screenwriting.

Christopher Reyman - Composer
Christopher is a Ph.D. candidate in music composition at the University of Illinois. In addition to performing regularly with various jazz and chamber orchestras, Chris has written over 200 pieces and spent nearly a year composing the score for "Pigeon: Impossible" which was performed by two orchestras and required 74 musicians.

More Information at www.pigeonimpossible.com. Image and Video Courtesy of Lucas Martell. Video Encoding: 3Dup.com

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