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ArtVPS Launches Shaderlight 1.0

First full version of Shaderlight signals a fundamental change in the way 3D artists generate and edit high quality images
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New features in Shaderlight 1.0 include:
  • Zoom & Scroll The Shaderlight window now has a zoom and scroll capability that allows users to render an image that is larger than the available screen size and zoom into an image to view pixel-level details.
  • Super-sampling Super-sampling has been further improved with the addition of Mitchell filtering.
  • Image-Based Lighting Changes to image-based lighting improve both rendering time and quality.
  • GI Improvements The Active Photon Tracing algorithms have been strengthened, resulting in smoother indirect illumination.
  • Texture Filtering Texture filtering has been improved, particularly with respect to environment textures.
  • MELT allocation and memory usage Shaderlight MELT allocation has been improved to ensure that memory usage does not exceed available system resources while maximizing the MELT-ability of the image.
  • Stability Several bugs have been fixed to improve overall stability and feature-related bugs such as the rendering of samples in the 3ds Max material editor have been addressed.
Shaderlight 1.0 is available to download for $895. ArtVPS is offering a 50 percent discount to anyone who downloaded pre release versions 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3. New users can take advantage of a free 14-day trial. During the free trial users will have access to all of the features in Shaderlight 1.0.

More Information at www.artvps.com. Image Courtesy of ArtVPS Ltd.

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