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Autodesk Launches Two Versions of 3Ds Max 2009

3Ds Max Design Meets New Requirements for Advanced Visual Communication
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"Autodesk 3ds Max has never failed to deliver; now it’s even stronger with specialized versions," said Technical Director Yunus "Light" Balcioglu. "3ds Max 2009 offers great new features that allow me to be more productive and creative. The new biped improvements make it easy to build quadrupeds, Reveal rendering lets me iterate faster, and reworked OBJ import makes it easier than ever to jump between 3ds Max and Mudbox".

3ds Max Design 2009 includes all features offered in Autodesk 3ds Max 2009, with the exception of the software development toolkit (SDK). The SDK is a set of development tools used in the entertainment markets to integrate software into a production pipeline and develop in-house tools to be used in conjunction with the application. 3ds Max Design also includes Exposure technology for simulating and analyzing sun, sky, and artificial lighting to assist with LEED 8.1 certification.

"At SHoP Architects we rely on computer-aided design technology not only to produce innovative architectural forms, but also to create new efficiencies and cost-savings in the design and construction process," said David Fano, designer at SHoP Architects. "Autodesk 3ds Max Design will help us further this pursuit. The newly enhanced daylight simulation tools and improvements to the rendering workflow will allow us to iterate more freely and create better quality work faster. Also, the FBX-based interoperability with Revit will give us a continuous digital workflow by leveraging our Building Information Model for advanced visualization in 3ds Max during all stages of design."

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