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Free Game for PC Based on Nvidia’s PhysX

You play as a 1950’s robot bent on laser-shooting and missile-bombing destruction
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Attack of the 50ft Robot! is an action-adventure game set in a 1950s B-movie atmosphere. Unleash your inner robot and destroy everything that stands in your way, buildings, tanks, and more. It was developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology over a period of 15 months. Attack of the 50ft Robot! uses Nvidia’s PhysX. If gamer has a red/cyan 3D glasses, will able to view this game in anaglyph 3D going the graphics options menu to enable this feature.

There are three gameplay modes to choose from: Long Tutorial, which is exactly what it sounds like; Endless Reel, where you cause as much destruction as possible racking in money until you die; and Feature Film, which gives you a quick story as you battle tanks, helicopters, and UFO’s. Controls are easy to grasp as you use your mouse and keyboard for movement. Your robot is equipped with lasers, missiles, hover boots, and the ability to throw your head at victims. The download is only about 160-MB and the install is fairly quick because it comes pre-loaded with an installer. Have a look at www.attackofthe50ftrobot.com.

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