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The Gnomon Workshop Releases Two New Titles

With the Popular Behind the Scenes Series Character Texturing for Production and Hard Surface Texture Painting
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The Gnomon Workshop announced the release of two new titles in their wildly popular -Behind The Scenes- series which gives an in-depth look at the creation of a game cinematic sequence. Produced with the cooperation of Producer Emmanuel Fragelus, Art Director Mark Goerner and Director Louis Bolivar, this series follows a team of artists as they demonstrate their production techniques from concept phase to final rendered animation. Each DVD includes actual production meetings with Art Director Mark Goerner as he goes over the existing designs and lends direction to the project.

These two new additions to the series take the character and helicopter models created in earlier DVDs to the next stage: UV layout and texturing. Both Ted Davis and Ben Neall demonstrate their approaches to texturing using a combination of different software, reflective of their daily production practices. See the DVD descriptions below for more details.


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