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The Mill throws Virgin a Ball of Light

A Commercial from One of the Best Visual Effects Companies
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The Mill's London and LA offices have collaborated with director Ringan Ledwidge at Rattling Stick and Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R on Virgin Media's new commercial for fibre optic broadband on demand.

In the ad we see a man working on his laptop when suddenly the appliances in his home spring to life in an overdrive of activity; clocks fast forward, lights flicker on and off and the TV switches itself on. Amid all the flashing and bleeping he rises and walks towards his front door. Bright lights can be seen shining through his blinds and as he reaches the door, the walls and floor around him start to whizz by and disappear as if he is travelling through time. The climatic finish finds him standing in a dark world with glowing lights rushing past as he looks towards a giant ball of light. The electrifying ad closes with the tag line ‘Discover the power of fibre optic broadband'.

The spot was created in Mill London and headed up by Mill LA's Lead Flame op Phil Crowe who travelled to London work with Ringan Ledwidge.

More Information at www.themill.com. Image and Video Courtesy of The Mill

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