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3Dup.com is strongly committed to preventing SPAM or unsolicited commercial E-Mails from being sent through our servers or webmail services and takes very seriously the abuse of the system by registered and non-registered users.

We expressly reject the use of E-Mail lists containing addresses obtained through means other then an individual or group’s knowing and voluntary request to receive E-Mail communications from an individual, group or organization.

How to Report Spam
To report suspected abuse or violations of our policy, please send an E-Mail to [email protected]. Also include an attached unedited copy of the message you feel was received in error or without your permission. Also include any E-Mail header information, notes or comments you feel are applicable to helping us determine the origin of the message. Any registered user deemed to be in violation of our No Spam Policy will automatically be disqualified from any future use of our services without attempt to be made at compensation.

No Spam Terms of Usage
All registered senders making use of our E-Mail services must agree to the following terms of use regarding the recipients to which they send E-Mail and the content of the messages sent to said recipients.

Registered users of 3Dup.com are ONLY allowed to use E-Mail addresses obtained from customers who have voluntarily and knowingly expressed a desire to receive E-Mail communications from the sender. Unsolicited commercial E-Mail or SPAM sent to anyone without his or her permission will not be tolerated and could result in the termination of sender’s account.

Registered users cannot use our services to harass, annoy, slander, threaten, falsely represent themselves or others or in any way violate the legal rights of an individual, group, or organization.

Registered users cannot use our services to distribute objectionable or illegal material of any kind including but not limited to copyrighted, trademarked or other wise rights protected material or messages that contain or link to racially or ethnically objectionable content, content that directly or indirectly promotes the use of any illegal substances, content that violates laws or regulations designed to protect minors. 3Dup.com reserves the right to restrict the usage of our servers by any individual or organization deemed in violation of this policy.

Picture Credits
Title: Lady of Shalott
Artist: Yang Zhang
Country: China
Software: BodyPaint. Maya. Mental Ray. Adobe Photoshop
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