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Shilo. A Production Company with Talent

Short films, Commercials and Music Videos Producers
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Shilo is an Emmy Award-winning creative production company representing a group of filmmakers led by directors Jose Gomez and Andre Stringer.

Internationally known for creating original and commissioned work that is powerful, provocative and visually extraordinary, Shilo's deeply held passions for design-infused storytelling and their innovative applications of live-action, design, and animation techniques deliver breakthrough experiences for screens large and small.

Shilo was established in 2004 in Del Mar, California, and in New York City, by co-founders Jose and Danielle Gomez, Andre Stringer and Tracy Chandler, with Shilo East opening for business that year in lower Manhattan. Since then, this company's reputation for creating original and commissioned work that is powerful, provocative and visually extraordinary has spread internationally, and as a result, they have grown steadily.

With recent attention-grabbing projects spanning short films, commercials, music videos, a groundbreaking MTV public service announcement produced to aid the people of Burma, and many more high-profile assignments currently underway, following the opening of their new studio in Manhattan last fall, the partners decided the time was right to expand their West Coast operation.

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More Information at www.shilo.tv. Image and Videos Courtesy of Shilo. Video Post-Production: 3Dup.com

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