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GPU Computing used to Recover Man on The Moon Video

Lowry Digital Relies on Nvidia GPUs to Recover Historic Video by Upgrading 1960s Television Footage to 21st Century High-Definition
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When NASA's original Apollo 11 moon landing video was accidentally destroyed, it seemed the world had lost a visual record of one of man's greatest achievements. Fortunately, unique digital video restoration technology from Lowry Digital, powered by Nvidia® Tesla™ GPUs (graphics processing units) with CUDA™ technology, has enhanced television coverage of the original video so that we can now watch Neil Armstrong take a giant leap for mankind in high-definition (HD).

"Nvidia CUDA has enabled Lowry Digital to develop and use, in a practical and efficient manner, far more complex image processing algorithms than would otherwise be possible, providing great value for our customers." said John D Lowry, founder, Lowry Digital. "This has significantly increased both our image quality and our operational efficiency."

Nvidia Tesla GPUs are high performance parallel processors and work together with CPUs in a co-processing model. Computationally intensive applications like digital video restoration use the massive computational capabilities of the GPU while the sequential part of the application's code runs on the CPU, speeding up the overall process and decreasing time to completion.

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