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Pororoca by Scott Pagano

Pagano a hybrid fine artist and independent creative professional recognized for his high-end, interactive multi-media works
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Pororoca is an exploration through a mysterious underwater world inspired by the forms and movement of sea life and micro organisms. Hybrid organic and synthetic creatures undulate and wander through heavy waters in concert with the cinematic soundtrack.

Fusing technology and imagination, Pagano is one of a few select artists pushing the boundaries of new media to progressive heights, inventing new forms of concept art.

As a visual artist, his sculptural objects and installations meticulously combine video and sound, and exist as futuristic forms with an infused abstract sensibility. Simultaneously cinematic and photographic, Pagano’s visual masteripieces offer an ambient window into the future of new media art.
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Pagano works with globally recognized production companies, independent musicians on experimental videos, and transmedia genres including short film narratives and interactive digital. Pagano is known for collaborating with a wide range of musicians including Speedy J., James Zabiela, Richard Devine, Christopher Willits, Trifonic, Eskmo-Welder, BT, and Michael Jackson.

Direction, Design and Animation: Scott Pagano
Music Production, Composition and Violin: Laura Escude

More Information at www.neither-field.com and www.lauraescude.com. Image and Video Courtesy of Scott Pagano. Video Encoding: 3Dup.com

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