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The Gnomon Workshop Releases Two New DVDs

Intro to 3Ds Max with Cetin Tuker and Intuitive Animation with Robert Kuczera
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The Gnomon Workshop released two new titles Introduction to 3ds Max: Tools and Workflow with Cetin Tuker and Intuitive Animation with Robert Kuczera: High-Velocity Production, Feature Quality Results. Both titles offer the viewer insight into the creative process of each artist. Cetin gives a broad introduction to 3ds Max, covering such topics as the User Interface (UI), customizing the UI, placement, hierarchies, viewing and navigating 3D space, creating shapes, and animation and time controls. In Robert's animation DVD, he discusses animation principles, key poses, animation workflow, preparing the Maya environment, layers, hotkeys, MEL scripts and much more.


"A highly talented animator who responds very well to tight deadlines and always delivers work to the highest standard. Robert is precise yet works very quickly with a superb attention to detail." - Robert Kolbeins. Lead CG supervisor. The Mill, L.A.

"Cetin Tuker is a very skilled 3D artist. Looking at his work you understand that he must have enormous patience and an excellent eye for the photo-real." - Steven Stahlberg. Lead Artist. Ignition USA

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