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The Gnomon Workshop Releases Five New DVDs

Color Theory: The Mechanics of Color - Designing Creatures in Adobe Photoshop - The Skinned Character Rig - Creating a Character Figure - Watercolor and Gouache Painting
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"Often color can be a very mysterious subject for artists to fully understand. Whether you are a beginner or an old pro, Richard Keyes will help you to make sense of the use of color in your artwork. Through explanations about the physics of it all to the symbolic use of color, your knowledge of this subject will be greatly enhanced by the content of this DVD, brought to you by one of the world's most insightful lecturers on the subject." - Scott Robertson - Chair of Entertainment Design - Art Center College of Design - President, Design Studio Press

"Carlo Sansonetti is the master at creating robust character rigs that have feature film quality on a video game budge. He knows the rigs, he knows animation, and he never stops impressing us with his ability to blend this knowledge into amazing results. Frankly, our job would be impossible without Carlo. He is a marvel!" - Marty Davis - Animation Director - Heavy Iron Studios

"Aaron Sims is the consummate industry professional in that he consistently marries his considerable artistic talent with the powerful technological tools of today, producing work that not only meets the demands of time-sensitive production schedules, but also never fails to impress." - Stan Winston - Stan Winston Studio

"The intricacy of the costuming, delicate sculptural finesse of her faces, exquisite miniature props and the enchanted environments of Wendy Froud's creations were not only uplifting to view, but seemed imbued with other worldly spirits that could whisk one away on a whimsical journey out beyond the edge of the garden or across the sun-dappled brook. Her figures had an incredible delicacy, yet each one also had eyes that sparkled with a life and vitality breathed into their bodies by Wendy herself." - Richard Taylor - Director, The WETA Workshop

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