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Luxology Expands its Training Offerings with Two New Modo Tutorials

Video Learning Tools Prove Exceedingly Popular with the Modo Community
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"I knew I had to have this one after watching the previews. In particular, I’ve watched the third episode half a dozen times this week. Amazing!" - Dan Tapp

Additional Details on New Training Videos

"Concept Car" delves into an innovative workflow for rapidly creating a concept car by combining sculpting and traditional polygon/SubDivision surface modeling tools in modo 302. The album includes four video tutorials that cover sculpting, topology re-creation, detailing and rendering of a car into a background photo using physically based daylight for lighting. A special metallic car shader is also provided.

"Cartoon Kid" consists of five videos illustrating the process of using modo 302 to model a cartoon character based on original conceptual sketches which are provided as part of the training. The video outlines techniques that are relevant to the creation of any kind of bipedal character.

For contestants entering the Skuuma Home and Office Furniture Design competition, Andy Brown and The Luxology Training Division have produced a set of four additional modo videos that explain how to build a variety of contemporary furniture using modo.

All modo training videos are produced in high-definition so as to preserve on screen detail of the user interface.

Pricing and Availability

The "Concept Car" and "Cartoon Kid" tutorials are each sold for USD $25 and are available for quick download on Luxology’s website.

For more information: www.luxology.com. Image Courtesy of The Embassy.

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