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Dragonball Evolution. Action and Visual Effects

In Theaters: April 10, 2009
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"Dragonball: Evolution" is a live-action motion picture based on the popular Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama. Toriyama's work spawned best selling graphic novels, videogames and a phenomenally successful television series.

The manga, series and games bring to the new film a rich mythology and exciting, complex characters - all of which have captivated millions of fans, of all ages, around the globe. One of the greatest manga franchises ever created, "Dragonball" has an enormous online fan base and is consistently one of the most frequently searched-for terms on Google and Yahoo!

"Dragonball" has exploded into a global phenomenon that has generated more than four billion dollars in merchandising sales. It is considered the gold standard of anime-based video games, with more than 25 different games and over ten million units sold since May 2002. The series - 500 episodes strong - posted top ratings in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

The motion picture "Dragonball: Evolution" features a cast of rising young stars and veteran acclaimed actors. Justin Chatwin, who portrayed Tom Cruise's son in Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds," takes on the role of the heroic Goku, a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name. Emmy Rossum ("The Day After Tomorrow") is Bulma, a beautiful woman intent on retrieving the mystical Dragonballs for her own reasons; Jamie Chung ("Samurai Girl") is Chi Chi, a young martial artist who captures Goku's eye; and screen legend Chow Yun-Fat ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon") is Roshi, the Master who guides Goku on the young man's epic quest to save the Earth from the forces of darkness.

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