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STUDIO AKA Speaks about their Award Winning Lost & Found Short

This CG Creation is a Heart-Warming Story Celebrating the Value of Friendship which has been Awarded the 2009 BAFTA for Children’s Animation
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What is your typical production pipeline?

There is no typical pipeline process other than the one that emerges to suit the particular production we are engaged in, you have a basic working method which needs to flex accordingly and what is important are simple things like clear naming structures for file output, a good approvals and adjustment process to share progress & completion - and very open lines of verbal communication between the various creative and technical leads of a project all backed up in a clear project folder & feedback structure so that no one loses sight of the "whole" of what we are creating. Regular production meetings, dailies and endless directors rounds keeping up with everyone in person, complete the picture. The various stages of production, treatment, screenplay, design, storyboarding, layouts, build, animation & composting are really not so different to any other production really its more important who you’ve cast to work in these roles, and everything, right up to sound & music creation all requires a structure to its creation so that everything fits together seamlessly.

What are your favourite sources of inspiration?

My inspirations come from a variety of sources, mostly from observing the world around me, and listening ... Always listening ... Aside from that its the usual, books, cinema, theatre and daydreaming in general but mostly is just opening your eyes to what is already going on all around you - often far more interesting and creative than anything you might watch read or listen too via the usual routes.

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