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The Gnomon Workshop Releases Two New Titles

With the Popular Behind the Scenes Series Character Texturing for Production and Hard Surface Texture Painting
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DVD Description

Character Texturing for Production - Texturing Techniques with Ben Neall

In this chapter of the BTS series Ben Neall explores the many aspects of texture creation for the main character Geo. Some of these aspects include techniques such as UVing, Projecting, Texture Painting using 2D and 3D softwares, as well as overviews of shader and render setup. Ben also shows techniques to help the artist in the visual development stage, using compositing software to make real-time decisions. The viewer will also see actual production meetings in which the design and creation of the textures are discussed.

Hard Surface Texture Painting - Vehicle Texture Painting with Ted Davis

This chapter in the series focuses on hard surface texture painting for 3D models, in this case a military styled helicopter. Ted begins by organizing the vehicle into discreet layer groups reflective of their final material assignments. He then shows various texture painting techniques and methodologies using Maya, Photoshop�®, BodyPaint and ZBrush. The DVD includes production meetings with art director Mark Goerner and culminates with a spectacular rendering of what all the various maps look like when placed on the model.

More Information at: www.thegnomonworkshop.com. Video and Image Courtesy of Gnomon Inc.

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