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New Wacom Intuos4

Next-generation Pen Tablet Delivers New Proprietary Pen Technology
Read with Small Text Read with Normal Text Read with Large Text Read with Larger Text  [ » ]  Change Text Contrast 3Dup.com - March 25, 2009 - 21:42
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Wacom® unveiled Intuos®4, a revolutionary new professional pen tablet that delivers new features and performance to photographers, designers and artists seeking control and productivity. Inspired by members of Wacom's professional community, the next-generation Intuos is anchored by the Intuos4's amazing new pen performance, capable of capturing the slightest nuance of pen pressure against the tablet surface, as well as offering 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Other innovative product enhancements include a refined and intelligent industrial design that provides real advancements in looks, comfort and control. Specific workflow and productivity tools to savor include the customizable shortcut and modifier keys with accompanying OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays, which allow users to see, via the displays, what the keys are currently set to.

All New Pen Performance

The Intuos4 Grip Pen features Wacom's new proprietary Tip Sensor technology, offering users near-zero (one gram) starting pressure for the most sensitive Intuos pen tablet performance to date. "Now, pressure-sensitive support can start with an incredibly light touch, emulating the same feel, response and result derived from working with traditional creative tools such as brushes, markers and pens," said Don Varga, Senior Product Manager for Wacom Technology Corp.

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