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Luxology Launches modo 401

Innovative New Workflows Leverage Deep Functionality Improvements in the Fourth Major Release of modo
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The rapid evolution of modo took another leap today as Luxology&reg: LLC announced the immediate availability of its latest 3D content creation software, modo&reg: 401. With a focus on rendering and animation enhancements, modo 401 delivers a wealth of new features and innovative workflows, which enable users to easily model on top of existing geometry, see changes in their scene immediately from the radically improved Preview renderer and efficiently re-use assets throughout the content creation process. These new features benefit customers in a broad array of disciplines such as architectural visualization, product design, game development and advertising image production.

"modo 401 continues our emphasis on making the 3D creative process as fluid as possible for designers and artists," said Brad Peebler, president of Luxology. "This new version is packed with improvements and is clearly our biggest upgrade of modo to date."

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