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The Making of Award Winning Oktapodi

Oktapodi Won Best of Show Siggraph 2008, 5 Awards, and was Nominated for Best Animated Short Film in the 2009 Oscars Edition
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A team of six students from the Paris-based school Gobelins, created this short using Maya for animation.

This Oscar-nominated CG animated short from France concerns two Octopi who fall in love in a fish tank in Greece - only to run headfirst into disaster when the female is snatched up by a human and taken away in his truck. Never one to be daunted, the male escapes from the aquarium and makes a beeline for the truck, determined to save the female octopus from the jaws of death. His efforts ultimately propel both cephalopods on a wild journey through the streets of the village.

More Information at www.gobelins.fr. Image and Video Courtesy of Gobelins, L'Ecole de l'Image

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