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Toy Soldier by Animatorio

It was made by Animatorio for Cartoon Network Latin America
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The plot tells the story of a soldier in a bedroom, with some other broken toys spread all over the room. The soldier is trying to crawl towards the remote control in order to turn on the TV at the Cartoon channel, thus saving the toys from the kid.

From the first production meeting to the online date, they had about two months for production.

Offspring of the union between four partners, Animatorio is a Brazilian motion design studio using the most diversified animation techniques: stop-motion, 3D, 2D and programming.
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The first challenge was be able to develop the suspense while still keeping a good story telling, not revealing it all at the beginning and building up to the final climax.

They decided for shooting the whole scenery, with all those broken toys and after then Animatorio had to achieve a good integration of the 3D soldier and the filmed plates, through rendering and a tight compositing.

Besides the shooting, on the CG part they were using Dell Octa, Maya, After Effects and Flame to produce the movie.

More Information at www.animatorio.com.br. Image and Video Courtesy of Animatorio. Video Encoding: 3Dup.com

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