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TGW Releases Unreal Development Kit Editor

A Step-by-Step Deconstruction with Waylon Brinck
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The Gnomon Workshop announced its first training DVD on the Unreal® Development Kit Editor. This introductory title by Waylon Brinck, a CG supervisor at EA Los Angeles, covers a lot of ground in over 5 hours of step-by-step instruction on level development workflow, BSP and terrain building, lighting, texture importing and materials basics, importing custom assets and much more. Waylon brings to this DVD his ability to thoroughly breakdown and explain the Unreal Development Kit through his experience teaching Unreal at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and at various workshops.

"One of the most unique and talented individuals in the games industry; Waylon embodies talent that crosses a very rare gap of art and engineer. His methodical approach to problem solving has made him a valuable sounding board to everyone on our team. He has grown a lot in his time at EA, from Background Artist to CG Supervisor the rapid progression illustrates that he is not only a valid member of the team, but also a mentor, an example of quality, a partner, a leader, and someone who our team cannot do without" - Lance Powell, Art Director, Medal of Honor

"Intro to the Unreal® Development Kit Editor is an excellent introduction to UDK for the beginning game developer. You’ll learn everything you need to get your feet wet in Unreal Engine 3 and start having fun." - Warren Marshall, Senior Level Designer Epic Games

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