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TGW Releases New Zbrush 3.5 Tutorials

ZSpheres II Learning Series with Ryan Kingslien
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Introduction to ZSketching:
ZSketching is a new and powerful feature in ZBrush 3.5. This tutorial will guide you through the uses of ZSketching and get you up to speed fast. You will learn best practices as well as detailed information about how ZSketching operates and how to make it work for you. Topics covered include Sketching brushes, Smoothing brushes, Heirarchy of Strokes, Masking, Bulge, Unified Skinning, Adaptive Skinning, and Posing. Duration 60 min.

ZSketching Workflow for Character Maquettes:
Follow sculptor, Ryan Kingslien, as he creates a sassy ZSketch, poses her, sculpts her and accessorizes her. This four-chapter tutorial is a working example of how to use ZSpheres and ZSketching to produce a basic model that is then sculpted using ZBrush's advanced Clay brush. Topics covered include ZSketching, Sketching brushes, Smoothing brushes, Masking, Bulge, Unified Skinning, Posing, Clay brush, Transpose, Subtools and much more. Duration 103 min.

Instructor Bio:
Ryan Kingslien studied traditional art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and digital art at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. He was the Product Manager for ZBrush 3 at Pixologic where he worked with programmers and artists to fuse traditional and digital art. While at Pixologic, Ryan consulted with companies such as ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Bungie Studios, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts to integrate digital sculpting into their production pipelines. Currently, Ryan is a resident artist at The Gnomon Workshop where he continues to sculpt, share his passion for digital art and teach.

More Information at www.thegnomonworkshop.com. Image and Video Courtesy of The Gnomon Workshop and Ryan Kingslien

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