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Featured Artist: Joost Korngold

Published Two Video Montages with his Latest Demo Reel and Several Works. We strongly recommend to have a look at his creations. Joost Korngold is an artist with Capitols
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Born in 1978 at The Netherlands. Graduated in 1999 from the Saint Lucas Graphic Design School in Boxtel, The Netherlands, in graphic and industrial design. After having worked for various design agencies, he started to Freelance under the name Renascent in November of 2002. Currently active in Visual Static and Motion Imagery for different media. Basically he works alone in a small 3x3 meter room of his house. On a few projects, he has incorporated photography that was made by others. Joost has worked for clients such as Nike, Philips and Hewlett Packard and has been commisioned by numerous advertisement agencies around the world.

He also made the credit sequence of the FPS Game Killzone 2 for PS3 and its Main Interface. They are shown in the first video.

Recently Joost Korngold was asked in Archinect.com about if the software he uses is subordinate to his design goals or do the limits/capabilities of the software help shape the output?

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