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Luxology Launches Education Provider Program

New Initiative Answers Growing Demand for Modo 3D Software by Public and Private Academic Institutions
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Luxology LLC, developers of modern, artist-focused 3D software, today announced its new Education Provider Program, which offers leading colleges, universities and 3D animation schools worldwide access to academically-priced modo and associated training materials from Luxology. The new Education Provider Program is a key part of Luxology’s plan to meet the growing demand for modo by offering additional educational benefits to customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

As part of the Education Provider Program, schools and universities will receive:
  • Reduced pricing for faculty members and labs, including options for floating licenses and a blanket site license.
  • Automatic entitlement to any modo updates that are released within a year of issuance or renewal.
  • Access to Luxology training materials at reduced pricing.
  • Luxology technical support for select academic projects.
"In our fast paced industry, it’s imperative that schools stay ahead of trends," said Bob Bennett, vice president of marketing for Luxology LLC. "Our new Education Provider Program paves the way for schools of all kinds to easily offer a curriculum that includes 3D software that is currently used by the most advanced design, game development and animation studios."

modo combines a powerful, real-time subdivision surface modeling engine with an artist-focused set of tools that harness sculpting, painting and rendering technologies to expedite the creation of world-class 3D content. This unique combination of a modern workflow and a fused toolset delivers increased productivity and performance for 3D artists working in a variety of disciplines, including game development, engineering, and architectural design visualization, and CGI for print.


Educational institutions wishing to enroll or find out more information about the Education Provider Program should contact Immanuel Martin at Luxology

More information at www.luxology.com. Image Courtesy of Paolo. P Architect.

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